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Our Services


3-month Program

The first step in the Functional Nutritional Therapy Health Optimisation Journey. Clients benefit the most from making a commitment to work with a functional nutritionist for at least three months. 


Lab Testing

We provide a range of in-depth testing to give deeper insight into the root cause(s) of your health challenges so we can help you feel your best even if you have, or before you develop, a chronic disease.


6-month Program

For those looking to go much deeper in their Health Optimisation Journey.
This is for clients who wish to investigate the root underlying cause of their health concerns utilising Functional Lab Testing.


Psych-K® Facilitation

Psych-K® is a user-friendly process to change the software of your mind and the printout your life. It is an effective, verifiable and simple process that helps to change self-limiting subconscious beliefs to new self-supporting ones.

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